About Me



Hello. My name is Becki Kremer.

I’m a Southerner with a love for big cities.

I think two of the best words I’ve ever heard are fisticuffs and Winnebago.

I have a degree in Music Journalism and Broadcasting.

I eat so much mayonnaise that I’m surprised I’m not sponsored by Heinz..

I have the hand-eye-foot coordination of a baby deer on rollerblades.

I’m currently residing in Stoke-on-Trent.

This is my tiny corner of the celebrity-shaming, cat-keyboarding, vine-recording, news-reporting amusement park that is the internet. It is a place where I can express that which cannot be explained in a short Facebook status, summed up in a shortened tweet or expressed on tumblr though the medium of dance or Beyonce gifs. Here is my rambling mind.