12 Realistic Ways To De-clutter Your Life And Give Yourself Mental Clarity

Constantly feel mentally exhausted, or frustrated that nothing is ever in its right place? Feel like there’s always something you’ve forgotten to do, or that you’re carrying around an invisible weight? Then it might be time to declutter your life.

Far too many people in the modern age are holding on to emotional and physical items that they have no need for. This leads to a messy home and messy mind, which in turn leads to carrying around psychological baggage that you didn’t even realise you had.

There are many ways in which to improve the quality of how you live and how you perceive the world, which helps you to get on top of things for once.

It’s time to shake off the cobwebs and strip out the annoying obstacles in your way.

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1. Get rid of things that are not valuable to you in any way. One easy way to begin is to round up all the items that you’ve completely forgotten about, or haven’t used in 6 months and start getting rid of them. Go through all your things and organise them into piles of things that you barely ever use, essentials you always use, and things you forgot you even owned.

2. Help yourself by helping others. Pop in to your local charity shop and drop off a bag full of clothing/toys/books/crockery you don’t use, or see what kind of items they’re in need of. The charity shop will be more more than happy to take anything off your hands, so long as it’s not goods like underwear, used earrings, or opened food packets.

3. Try donating your goods via social media. Post something about it on Facebook – be honest with people and tell them that you’re having a bit of a clean out and have lots of things that will be going for free if anyone wants to give them a new home. It’s a great way of paying it forward, and no doubt that your friends will be interested in taking some of the items off your hands.

4. Keep a notebook by your bedside. When you’re tossing and turning at night, and can’t seem to switch your brain off, turn to your notebook. Every time you get a brainwave or remember something you needed to do the next day write it down. This will stop you obsessing about little details, or problems you have to face, and will also be a great way to remember things in the morning that might evade you whilst you sleep.

5. Make lists of everything to give yourself a schedule. One of the best ways to de-clutter your brain is to start every day with a list of tasks to fulfil. One of the main sources of procrastination is not being able to accurately focus on one task and then move to another. Writing it all down will help you to prioritise and stop your brain being overwhelmed from having to remember everything.

6. Make sure that you set yourself a professional routine. When you get to work in the morning, schedule in your first morning coffee, what time you start reading your emails, and what time you socialise with colleagues. It’s so much easier to fall behind when you haven’t got any structure to your day. Setting yourself a proper routine will give you a bit of rhythm and stop a mid-day slump in productivity.

7. Keep your tasks in order at work. Write out of all the tasks and objectives you have to conquer throughout the day, and put them in an order that makes them easier to accomplish. This kind of visual reminder will help keep you focused and on track with your priorities. It’ll also stop you brain from shrivelling up ideas and little ‘eureka’ moments you get about tackling certain duties.

8. Pre-make your lunches for work the night before you head in. Preferably, on a Sunday night, make batches of lunches that you can freeze or refrigerate that will last you all week. This will save you time making them every night, and money from over-spending on ingredients you don’t need. Pre-made lunches also stop you from snacking during the day, or popping out to the local sandwich shop to grab something quicker.

9. Take time to really stop and have a lunch break. even if you’re taking the day off work at home, make sure to really give yourself a break to just eat a healthy meal and do nothing else but clear your mind. If you’re at work, get up and get away from your desk to stretch your legs, so that you get out of the mindset of work for a little while. Your brain will thank you.

10. Start getting rid of toxic people in your social circle. It’s been said many times over, but it’s a necessary step toward cleansing yourself emotionally. If you have people in your life who don’t seem to ever really be there for you, and always put their well-being before yours, then it’s time to move forward without them. You only get one life, so don’t waste it living someone else’s story or sacrificing your happiness for someone else’s.

11. Surround yourself with a solid support system. Make sure to make time to see people and friends who mentally stimulate you, make you feel more positive about your outlook on life, and who are interested in helping you grow. Only spend time with people who you know would help you out in any difficult situation, as you would do for them.

12. Try to change your perspective on the world. There is a silver lining in everything, we just need to be willing to see it. If you put off goals you’re trying to achieve, meeting new people, or accepting change then you are putting off your own personal development. Don’t let fears, doubts, and living in the past stop you from blossoming and becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.


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