Want to Find Ways to Save Money? It’s Easy!

It’s finally the end of January, and what seems like THE LONGEST month there ever was. No doubt, like many others, you’ve come out the other end exhausted, slightly out of shape and still a little bit broke after the holidays/start of the year.

This is the point where many people throw themselves into work to recoup all the money that has dwindled from their pockets over the last few months. Maybe you want to put some aside some dosh to pay for a flashy “New Year New Me” hairdo. Maybe the February Blues has already got you planning your next escape on a Summertime holiday to the Bahamas.

But what if, despite saving up from your day job, your money still seems to dwindle despite your best efforts? Well fear not, there are some super simple ways to save up your hard earned cash that makes it easier for you to enjoy the new year without having to stress about not seeing your bank account swell. Here are 5 ways to get you started!




  • Be creative to motivate yourself! Find an empty jam jar (or bucket depending on how much you want to save) in your house and make sure to label it as a Savings Jar. Every day when you get in from work or seeing friends, empty out all the change in your bag into the jar. If you only end up emptying £1 into the jar a day then in 3 months you’ll have nearly £100! Not too bad for just loose change!


  • Get paid for your opinion! There are plenty of websites that allow you to take part in online surveys and reviews, which reward you with cash. Sites like SwagBucks, GlobalTestMarket, and MintVine are all great places to get started, and you’ll soon be watching the cash flood in when you get paid to voice your opinions. The great thing is you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, so you can fill them out whenever you have any spare time. The surveys typically take up to 15 mins to complete, but it’s totally worth it when you have £5 every time you fill one out!


  • Rent out pretty much anything! There are plenty of sites that allow you to not just rent out your home (like Airbnb), but pretty much anything – from your friendship to your body parts. And not in a creepy or scientific experiment kind of way! On Hired Hands you can rent out your hands to be featured in hand-modelling jobs, and on Rent A Friend you can literally offer your services to be someone’s mate for the day. It can just be for a trip to the cinema or a game of pool, and it’s with no strings attached!


  • Get yourself a savings account! If you’re like me, and have trouble actually saving the money in your bank account that you promised you’d put toward your funds, then a simple way of avoiding dipping into that money is to set up a separate savings account. Go visit the local branch of your bank and see what kind of deals they have. They’re free to set-up, have the options of instant access, and each kind of savings account has a specific interest rate depending on what you’re after.


  • Get exploring and selling! Have a snoop round your house and find things that you think could be of value to someone else, and then get selling them! Places like Gumtree and Ebay are your best friend now, as you can find people on there that will buy a lot of the things you own that you no longer have any use for. That adorable skirt you bought but only wore once? Sell it! That old model of your phone that’s been forgotten about in your draw? Sell it! That swanky blender/juicer combo that you never got round to unboxing? Sell it!

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