Why You Should Ditch the Tourists and Visit these Underrated Beautiful Destinations

When it comes to travel, I’ve done my fair share of world surfing, and no matter how much I see there are always still so many exciting, and liberating places out there. But these places aren’t the typical, super popular attractions that everyone raves about being the best places to visit.

They normally don’t make it to the top of the list alongside famous tourist sites like The Pyramids, Koh Phi Phi, The Dead Sea, or Macchu Picchu, but they made a lasting impression on me. They deserve to be visited, at the very least just so you can let their culture soak into your skin and take over your imagination.


Basel – Switzerland

basel (1).jpg

This city will completely engulf you in amazing culture, and eccentric citizens. Not as well explored by tourists as its more famous Swiss city Zurich, but definitely worth the visit.

Things to visit for: Delicious beer, beautiful architecture, 1st class chocolate, vibrant nightlife, sky that looks like it’s a dome shape.

Heraklion – Crete


Greece is by far one of my favourite places in the entire world, and Crete is most likely the best part of it. There’s something about it that just speaks to my soul in the best way possible.

Things to visit for: Amazing Greek food, friendly locals, phenomenal beaches, clear skies, massive water parks.

The Old City – Jerusalem

old city.jpg

If you get a chance to go to Israel definitely do it, but make sure you drop by The Old City to check out the breathtaking markets that run through it and add a vibrant pulse to the area. And it has some of the most authentic Middle Eastern food you will ever taste.

Things to visit for: Religious temples, colourful market stalls, massive culture shock, hidden gems tucked away, historical artefacts.

Yu Yuan Garden – Shanghai


Shanghai is bursting with cultural significance and brightly coloured ancient architecture, so popping to the massive Yu Yuan Garden is like getting the entire package in one go. There’s food, fish ponds, photo-perfect surroundings – what more could you want?

Things to visit for: Sacred temples, cultural rituals, authentic cuisine, beautiful nature and garden spaces, ornamental scenery.

Tyrell Bay Beach – Grenada


Grenada is not often as well recognised as its more famous Caribbean neighbour Jamaica, but if you’re looking for a more chilled, less tourist-y Caribbean experience, then it’s the perfect place to go.

Things to visit for: Clear sea and bright blue sky, tropical landscapes, beach-side food stalls, nutmeg factories, alluring countryside jungles.

Vis – Croatia 


Most of Croatia is magnificent, but this little island boasts quite a wealth of beauty and cultural delights. It has long been a place of fishmongers, holiday makers and wine growers, so it’s not surprising so many people visit and don’t want to leave.

Things to visit for: Waterfall hikes, sunny beaches, superb seafood, inviting villas, spectacular mountains and coves.


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