How Easy Is It To Survive On a Low-Carb, High-Protein Diet?

As someone whose weight yos-yos constantly I’ve struggled for years to find a suitable diet or eating habits that combat my metabolism’s fluctuating nature. Sometimes it feels like my body’s putting on weight like it’s getting paid to, but I’ve finally found a lifestyle change that suits me and isn’t super difficult to keep up with.

The solution for me is maintaining a diet that is low in carbohydrates, high in protein, and low in saturated fats. Believe it or not, fat can actually be good for you and help to maintain body weight loss, so long as it’s saturated fats that you keep an eye on. This is why foods that are rich in fats like avocados and cheese are actually really good for us. Counting calories is a thing of the past!

This may sound difficult, as carbs make up a large portion of the food we consume, but once you’ve been doing it for a while and you learn not to deprive yourself of carbs all the time it becomes very easy.

There are days where you just crave sugar like there’s no tomorrow, but if you moderate your intake you’ll soon start to notice changes in how your body looks and feels. Here are a few ideas, and easy recipes to illustrate what I typically eat on a weekly basis.

Swap out some of your normal meals for some of these and you’ll be laughing in no time!


One of the biggest tips I can share is to swap out white foods, in favour of brown foods. This means brown pasta, brown rice and brown bread. Wholewheat versions of these foods are so much better and have a lower GI count, which means a slower release of energy. They also contain less carbohydrates, which means they won’t spike your blood sugar and will keep you feeling fuller for longer.


When eating meat, I find the best option to go for is lean, white meat. Red meat can also be good for you, but it is very high in the wrong kind of fat. Lean meat, such as chicken and turkey, are much higher in protein and will keep you going throughout the day. If mince or beef is what you crave, try a vegetarian Quorn alternative instead. You’d be surprised how delicious a vegetarian bolognese can be if you use the right recipe!


During a diet, or changing to a different eating lifestyle, it’s very easy to fall into the trap that you have to eat less to keep the weight off. This is simply not true – it is much better to eat 5 small, solid meals a day than the have 2 or three big meals and then snack in between. Eating smaller meals throughout the day means that your sugar levels don’t drop, you don’t over-eat and your metabolism gets a boost from the intervals in between. Skipping meals to try and fool your body into losing weight never works.


Fish is packed full of very healthy and very nutritious Omega 3 oils, that are super good for all aspects of your body. Baked salmon or cod fillets make for a great addition to a plate of steamed veggies, and form a very filling, protein-based evening meal. Try a smoked salmon salad for lunch – you won’t regret it!

Here are a few of some of my favourite, simplistic meals to try. A lot of these meals are also part of a Paleo diet, otherwise known as the Caveman Diet.


Chicken Fried Cauliflower Rice 800 2918

I’m normally not a huge fan of cauliflower. But this recipe manages to disguise it in a pretty convincing knock-off that tastes almost just like your favourite egg fried rice. But without the same guilt of eating takeaway! Find a recipe for it HERE.




This Middle Eastern classic has different variations, but the best one that I’ve found is made with bulgur wheat, which makes an excellent substitute for rice. With finely diced vegetables and lemon, this dish is best served with a side hummus or feta cheese. Find a recipe for it HERE.




My favourite dish when it comes to breakfast – this meal is a hearty one, that fills you up to get going through the day. Simple and quick to make, it’s also delicious and full of protein. You can swap out poached egg for boiled egg too, if wanted. Find a recipe for it HERE.




Lean turkey mince is an excellent substitute for beef mince, and is a lot healthier. There are plenty of different recipes on how to make the perfect chilli, so it really depends on your preference. Find a recipe for it HERE.




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